Don’t let this lockdown

Hold You back from your

self care.


Come Back stronger

and injury free with the

Stronger MT

in 30 days Challenge:


Lockdown edition!

Whats inside the 30 Day Challenge?

→ An in depth 4 week layout and tutorials of every exercise you’ll need!

→  Downloadable interactive progress log compatible with iPhones and Androids

→ The ultimate solution to injuries that we commonly face as therapists

→ Exercises specifically tailored to enhance modalities that we commonly practice

→ A way to negate the stress and tension that causes chronic holding patterns

→ A practical way to up your longevity and strength (at home)

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If you are a member, through your own registered and customized affiliate URL link, you can tell any therapist you feel would benefit from what we have to offer – and get rewarded for it!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that – if you find that it’s not what you expected or what you want, you can simply cancel with two clicks! That’s it

What’s more, I’m even giving you 30 days to change your mind! If it’s not for you, just let me know in the first month and I’ll happily refund your money. So it really is a no risk offer.

As I’ve mentioned before, no matter what stage of career you are in (Beginner or Veteran) there will be a course that speaks to you. Right now, we have the MT Hybrid Athlete Course that is 1 CE, and a Massage Ethics Interview 1 CE, but we will have many more uploaded as the site scales: Nutrition for MT’s, Healing Your Chronic Injuries, Yoga and Meditation, Cupping, Proper Deep Tissue Techniques, Abdominal Bracing, and much, much more. Since you are a massage therapist, most of the courses within Successful Bodyworker will have CE value for license renewal!

We certainly do! If you want to use the MT Hybrid Athlete to crush fitness goals, prevent injuries or even to look better, with more of a personalized and positive atmosphere, then sign-up for the 1-to-1 Coaching option! Members will receive premium member content as well as an initial consultation call, and weekly progress calls and goal completion.

Well – that’s pretty simple. . . regardless of how long you’ve been a therapist, we provide resources to help build the strongest foundation possible if you are right out of school and ready to tackle your career, or burnout prevention if you’ve been in the game for a while and you need that one thing to keep you staying strong forever!

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Zack is doing amazing things with the Successful Bodyworker. In a profession with incredibly high burnout rates, Zack has zeroed in on super important topics that benefits every massage therapist – and that our industry needs to give more attention to.” 

Michelle Roberts

Head Massage Tutor,

“I highly recommend Zack for his professional image and his incredible drive to create value in the lives of his clients and the bodywork community!”

Ja-On Hillman

Registered Massage Therapist

“I first learned about Zack through his podcast, and I really gravitated toward the material he was focused on. I’m also a big fan of how he helps other massage therapists on the burnout prevention front… especially with his self-care videos.

Zack is a must go-to resource for anyone who is looking to prolong their career in this fantastic industry!”

Richard J. Platt

Massage Therapist Business Coach,