“I wanted to create a community of

therapists that really want to focus on

creating the best and longest lasting career possible

and in the process, and find the best versions

themselves. I want to show you what you’re

really capable of!”


-Zack Mayfield, Founder


The burnout rate, as many of you may already know is outrageous, so the underlying goal for me is keeping you the therapist in the game physically for long haul. I have created a strength training program called The MT Hybrid Athlete program that will not only strengthen your body but provide you with longevity, all of which will benefit the techniques you use daily in the treatment room. All of these exercises are easily done, and in some cases from the comfort of your own home.

This seems pretty great in theory, but hiring a personal trainer is pretty costly right? That is one of the beauties of SB. Not only do you have full access to an in depth course that explains how the MT Hybrid Athlete course works, but an exercise index that enables you to pick and choose exercises that are custom tailored to your needs. Oh, and if you need more help attaining your goals, just reach out to me and we will set you up with monthly coaching where we will personally talk every week via video call, strategize your progress and examine your training through video. That is even cheaper than a personal trainer!!

But it doesn’t end there. We have all bases covered, everything from professional development courses to modality and technique. You will be able to level-up every aspect as a therapist. You would be spending roughly 40X the amount for all of these things combined, and you wouldn’t have access to a Tribe of other therapists that are here to help.

Your journey is just starting, so let the Tribe be there every step of the way!

← This is me

My name is Zack Mayfield. Yes this was taken on my wedding day, and yes. . . that is a man bun, but we’re not here to judge!

I have been a massage therapist for 10 years, licensed both in the states of IL, and AZ. The reason I became a bodyworker was because of an experience I had with another fellow LMT in Chicago. At the time I was taking my career as a powerlifter seriously, and with most lifters, certain injuries come with the territory. I had a hairline subscapularis tear that if left untreated would have fully torn, rendering me with a lot of hospital and surgery bills, and a very early retirement from powerlifting. Said therapist completely healed my shoulder within two sessions, and I was able to get back to doing what I loved! 

From there it was all history! (sort of) 

I’ve found that a lot of therapists are in pain and they just don’t really talk too much about it.  I started learning that injuries like: low back, wrists/hands, shoulders and neck are all a huge problem that we as practitioners deal with on a daily basis! 

Enter the start of Successful Bodyworker

I have always had a passion for teaching others and being an ultimate motivator for everyone in my life that I want to see succeed. It comes from my undying passion of never wanting to give up.

If you had a way to totally reverse all signs of burn out and in the process create the strongest version of yourself in all aspects, would you do it? 

Some awesome things I’ve achieved in my life:

Massage Therapist 10 years

NCBTMB provider

Nationally ranked powerlifter

Four fun facts about me →

  • I’ve been a bass player and musician for 20 years.

  • I’ve been a powerlifter for 13 years

  • I strongly disliked touching people at first

  • I have an amazing wife, and two fur babies

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See What others are saying!

Zack is doing amazing things with the Successful Bodyworker. In a profession with incredibly high burnout rates, Zack has zeroed in on super important topics that benefits every massage therapist – and that our industry needs to give more attention to.” 

Michelle Roberts

Head Massage Tutor, www.massagestudentpro.com

“I highly recommend Zack for his professional image and his incredible drive to create value in the lives of his clients and the bodywork community!”

Ja-On Hillman

Registered Massage Therapist

“I first learned about Zack through his podcast, and I really gravitated toward the material he was focused on. I’m also a big fan of how he helps other massage therapists on the burnout prevention front… especially with his self-care videos.

Zack is a must go-to resource for anyone who is looking to prolong their career in this fantastic industry!”

Richard J. Platt

Massage Therapist Business Coach, www.richardjplatt.com

Level up your strength, self-care and longevity today!