SB Courses

                  Courses specifically tailored to therapist self care and professional development.

More coming soon

Since we have just opened our doors, our courses vary, but the list is growing and there is a lot coming down the pipeline as we speak! Some of these include:

  • Nutrition for Bodyworkers
  • How to build your own client converting website easily
  • 100 days of client onboarding
  • Body mechanics the right way
  • Deep tissue efficiency and techniques
  • and much much more

 3 stages 

     3 CE’s (currently in review!)

     Downloadable resources



MT Injury Roadmap

 25 lessons

     1 ce hour


The MT Hybrid Athlete Program

  Additional Topics

              All additional course topics

 11 lessons

     1 ce hour

     Downloadable Workbook

Massage Ethics with Jimmy gialelis

Check out the Successful Bodyworker Tribe

It does not matter how long you’ve been a therapist – if you’ve just graduated, it’s now prime time to develop good and long lasting habits to make sure that you last a long time in the field you love.

But what if you’ve been a therapist for a while? You have made it this far and that’s awesome, but you have to make that your body and mind is bullet proof so that the risk of injury or limiting self beliefs are non-existant!

Don’t wait around for injuries or burnout to happen, level-up your strength, self-care and longevity so that you are bulletproof!