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Roadmap Contents

3.5 CEU’s

Stage 1: Heal Your Injury

1 CE

The mindset shift

In this step, you will learn how to think about your injury

in a different way. Sometimes, the only thing holding you

back from achieving your goal is the way you think about

a certain situation.

Moving Through your injury

The main goal of this step is to reorient the tissue that

has been damaged due to injury, pain or chronic holding

pattern to achieve better range of motion. This is critical

to starting the next stage in the roadmap.

Stage 2: Strengthen and Condition

.5 CE

Prerequisite Steps

In this step, you will learn some important things to

consider before moving onto the proceeding phases of

strength. These include: muscle fiber relationships,

frequency of use and session recovery tactics.

Phase 1: Reorientation

The goal with this phase is more about overall

conditioning of the effected muscle tissue. This is where

muscle tissue starts to adapt to slightly heavier loads and

paves the way for more healing and strength.

Phase 2: building

In this phase we are taking this newly orientated tissue

and building overall strength and mobility, and

in some cases a bit of muscle. This is all to ensure that

it is ready for the last and final phase.

Phase 3: normalization

The normalization phase will have you nearly close

if not all the way back to ranges of motion, strength

and overall function of the tissue that was previously

damaged. Some may even be past that point!

Stage 3: Prevention

2 CE


In this step, you will come to consider why the injury

happened in the first place in order to take preemptive

measures, as well as general frequency in which to do

corrective exercises.

MT Hybrid Athlete Program

Learn how the MT Hybrid Athlete Program can be

integrated into your career and life to help promote

everlasting injury prevention. Strengthen your body and

provide it with the most longevity possible!

Hello there, I’m Zack Mayfield

I created Successful Bodyworker to help Masssage Therapists like yourself create the strongest body, mind and soul. This is how we can help you:

Physical Strength and Conditioning

We are building the strongest physical bodies through strength training and pre-hab exercises.

Mental and emotional Perseverance

We provide you with the tools to help overcome limiting thought patterns that are holding you back in practice.

Financial Prosperity

We provide you with specific and effective strategies to provide the most value while working less.

Spiritual Vitality

Never leave your treatment room feeling unwanted negative energy. Learn who your true target clients should be.

So . . . what are we doing to combat these issues?

  In Depth courses that cover all aspects of self-care

  MT Injury Roadmap to Completely Heal your injuries

  multiple learning styles to help you succeed            

  An active community of therapists to help you along the way

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Zack is doing amazing things with the Successful Bodyworker. In a profession with incredibly high burnout rates, Zack has zeroed in on super important topics that benefits every massage therapist – and that our industry needs to give more attention to.”
Michelle Roberts

Head Massage Tutor,

“I highly recommend Zack for his professional image and his incredible drive to create value in the lives of his clients and the bodywork community!”
Ja-On Hillman

Registered Massage Therapist

“I first learned about Zack through his podcast, and I really gravitated toward the material he was focused on. I’m also a big fan of how he helps other massage therapists on the burnout prevention front… especially with his self-care videos.

Zack is a must go-to resource for anyone who is looking to prolong their career in this fantastic industry!”

Richard J. Platt

Massage Therapist Business Coach,

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