The Injury Healing Mindset Shift

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So. . . you have a fresh brand new injury and right now the process of healing it seems daunting and you’re not sure how you will get out of it? 

Does this sound familiar? 

“This damn thing will never heal”

“How will my injury heal when everyone else has problems healing theirs?” 

“Injuries suck” 

“I can’t do this” 

If any of this applies to you then I suggest that you keep reading!

The usual injury narrative

The above statements are examples of the usual narratives of individuals that are currently healing an acute injury or have had chronic pain or injury.

It’s usually a negative thought process. 

I get it, injuries do suck. What they have the ability to take from you initially – range of motion, a pain-free life and confidence – can really be disheartening and often times debilitating on your mindset. 

But what if I told you that thinking about your situation negatively with this usual narrative could actually make your healing process ineffective. . . 

What thinking negatively can do

This may be a bit woowoo for some, but hear me out. 

Do you think there is any correlation between people who are constantly sick, injured and in pain and those who are pessimists? People who are constantly negative?

It is believed that when people spiritually vibrate at a lower frequency, then it can make room for disaster to strike. 

I think we all have been there before and have experienced this even if we haven’t realized it. 

When it comes to injuries, you usually hear things like:

 “This injury sucks miserably, I can’t do anything and it’s only holding me back”

 “I’m not capable of feeling better, and whatever I do nothing works.” 

 “All I hear is other people complaining about their injury, and man is it true.” 

 “Why won’t this damn thing heal!”

Sound familiar? 

Just know that you have the power to control your mindset and change the narrative about your injury. 

So. . .  how do we do this? 

Changing the Narrative

It starts by finding something to feel good about.

Plain and simple.

Finding gratitude for yourself or your situtation is a good place to start.

Your body is capable of some pretty incredible things:

  • It is naturally strong
  • It can turn food and light into fuel
  • It has a lot of autonomic functions that take no effort on your part to maintain
  • Having an incredible strong and powerful mind
  • The ability to heal an injury quickly

These are all things to be grateful for, and these are good things to focus on to get yourself into a better mood.

There are also some great sentences that you can use to make yourself feel better:

 “I realize that healing an injury will take some work, but I am optimistic about what it will do for me.”

“It’s going to be incredible to do the things I want to do, and do them even better.”

“My body is awesome and it is a machine that is good at healing.” 

“The only person who positively affects my health and injury is myself”

“With every day that passes, I am feeling more pain free, healthier and stronger.” 

“I feel always feel good when I feel better” 

“My potential for healing really is endless”

Once you are in a better state of mind, you can then take some actionable steps towards healing your injury. It is also believed that when you take actions with no positive thoughts to back it up, then they don’t go anywhere near as far. I know this is definitely true for me.



The law of attraction

This as you may have pieced together, sounds a bit like law of attraction, right? 

That is exactly what it is! 

If you don’t know what LOA is, then read any one of Jerry and Esther Hicks books on Law of Attraction. 

The basic formula is: No matter how bad your situation, there is always a way to make it better and to make it better, you must start thinking about your situation in abundance as you want or expect it. 

This is to be confused with approaching what you want from a lacking state of mind, like: “I wish I had $10,000”. Rather. . . say: “Imagine all the things I could buy with this $10,000!” 

So. . . what does this have to do with your injury? 

Knowing that the usual narrative is wanting something from a state of lack, start to approach your injury in a way that you want or expect it. 

What will you be able to do once your injury is healed? 

What will you feel? 

Will you be stronger than you were before? 

Will you finally be able to do a backflip? 

The power to heal is completely in your hands, all you have to do is think about your situation as you would want it from a place of abundance and it will most likely come to you! 

summing it all up

I hope this episode and article helped you to understand how powerful your mind actually is. 

If you tend to think about situation and injury negatively and what it has taken from you, then you will most likely attract that towards you. 

To really heal your injury, it is a good idea to start to change the usual narrative about your injury. Try to think about it from a place of abundance and what you want from your healing process.

Therapist Challenge

If you currently have an injury, I want you to write down 5-10 affirmations and think about the situation positivey, as you expect it to be in the future. 


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