Why should you automate vs. not automate and do everything yourself?

The answer is pretty simple. There are multiple wheels that have to be constantly turning to make the vehicle that is your business shine bright and successful, but all of these things can create inherit stress if they are constantly being focused on every day and every week.

I believe that to be successful in what you do best – which is massage – you have to take your finger off the pulse of all of these aspects like content, marketing yourself, bookings and emails.

To do this you can simply just have some automation in all of these tasks to make life much easier. Yes it does take some time and money to get to a place where all of these tasks are running on auto pilot.

This, in my eyes, is the ultimate form of self care!

In this episode and article we will dive deep into 5 essential tasks that we can put on autopilot so we can have total focus on what we do.

Read on to learn more!

#1 Email marketing

Email marketing is something that is incredibly important to getting valuable content, news and updates about your business and should be utilized anyway to help grow your potential client audience base.

A lot of email marketing platforms have the ability to have your campaigns on an automated workflow. This is even better when coupled with having fillable forms on your site to have your email contacts go straight to an automated campaign to be sent constant value. 

If you haven’t listened to episode 26 of SB Podcast – “100 Days of Client Onboarding” then definitely give that a listen. It dives deep into the first seven days of your clients experience and one of the big components of this experience is utilizing email marketing to onboard them for the first 100 days. 

You see, normally, anyone who is making a buying decision has a list of thoughts and anxieties about what they are about to purchase whether they know it or not, and it is up to, you the service provider, to ease this client’s buyer remorse and make damn sure that they know that they’ve made the right decision.

This is where automated email marketing comes into play because it ensures that your clients are taken care of while you are at work with other clients. It shows them that you care about how they are doing and genuinely want to see their pain decrease. 

Did you know that 3.9 million people receive emails from their favorite brands and companies  and more than 90% of people check their emails. Also, 80% of marketers believe that email marketing helps their business grow. So you can see how effective email marketing can be if done correctly. 

What you want to add in your emails

There are some key things that you want to add in your email campaigns that will really speak volumes to your potential clients and returning clientele. 

A big thing is content marketing and this simply put, this is content that serves a specific purpose as a buying or selling point. 

What kinds of things do you specifically solve that is different from other therapists? 

For most of us, we are pain problem solvers that help dissect the cause of pain and then completely eliminate it. I think it’s even better when we have a specific niche that we focus on, in order to help specific people. With niches I believe that your content will most likely be consumed because it’s speaking directly to them.

With content marketing we are making valuable content that is directly related to the problems that your clients or customers have, and packaging it in a way that is different than others in our field. 

What email marketing services to use

Here are a list of some service options that are available to you from priciest which have more options and customizable features to more reasonable pricing which are more user friendly and have basic setup and templates:

Most of these platforms have a lot of great features that are user friendly and can be scaled so that if you want more from them, you can purchase the higher tier and unlock more features.

Even though email marketing and CRM have gone more into the pay-to-play field, they are more than worth the money, especially if they are helping you gain more clients. It will pay for itself!

#2 Ads 

There is nothing better to show someone how you really work and what your thoughts are on certain things regarding therapy and pain.

If nothing, it will send organic traffic to wherever you would like the ads to take them!

For facebook, this means that you can get them to your facebook page to check out all of your content and give them a choice on whether or not to choose you as their therapist.

For search engines like Google, this means that your ads will send you to certain sections of your website to book a session or look at different content. 

Are you utilizing ads?

A lot of therapists are utilizing social media platforms and have valuable websites that all have great content to offer, but there are some problems with the organic reach of your content and sites. 

Social media in recent years have changed their algorithms to such that you almost have to use ads to be able to be noticed. With search engines like Google, you could have a great website and use the keywords that people search for, but if a therapist is using AdSense to advertise their website. . . Then they will be prioritzed over you. 

What kind of things should you be advertising?

As far as what to advertise, I strongly believe using a message that has compassion for ones pain points and problems.

For instance, as therapists know that a lot of our clients have pain in their neck, shoulders and lower back and likely you can relate to that.

Think about a time when you had back pain so bad that you had to seek out a professional or you didn’t know what to do about it?

Think about how that made you feel. 

This is something great to advertise because you know how this pain point feels. . . plus you have the solution to help treat their pain.

These are two amazing things that have in your ad that will attract interest in your client. Just think about the pain point of netflix customers. . . they are bored out of their minds and need something to do, so they are willing to pay $10 a month to receive unlimited video content with a click of their remote.

#3 Scheduling/Booking software

If you have a personal practice, then having scheduling software to book your clients is a must. A lot of these softwares have automated features to help you focus on what you do while you get booked. You can also hire someone to take phone calls and even have these calls redirected to them to book your sessions for you. 

Smaller software producer companies have some good features out of the box that have smaller monthly fees, transaction fees and percentages taken for use of the software. 

These softwares include:

The software I recommend

There is one software that I believe is set apart from the others I’ve listed in this article and episode.

This software is called ApptHero and it is created by my friend Jason Carter and it is one of the only softwares on the market that is being created specifically for the therapist.

He is working closely with therapists in the developing stages to actually democratically build it per requests of his group of therapists.Some other softwares on the market don’t have a lot of the options and features that you know you should be paying for. A lot don’t have marketing automation, text message booking automation or even intake forms provided by the company itself. 

With appthero, it has all of this built in to make a complete package:

  • It offers text message booking automation 
  • Marketing to retarget clients who haven’t been back to you in a set amount of time and
  • The ability for clients to fill out intake forms straight from the software interface.

I explained in the episode that I do not endorse ApptHero, but as of right now, that isn’t necessarily true! If you head to ApptHero now and sign up for this software, you will receive my special promotion which happens to be your firth month free.

If you wanna learn more about it, head back to episode 26, I talk to Jason about this software and he explains it in great detail.

#4 Hiring other therapists 

This isn’t only for medium to larger size practices and businesses, this can be for small practices as well that have a large clientele list.

You can hire them to outsource some of your clientele list if it is too large for you to do on your own, or you feel like you don’t have enough time or energy in the day to fulfill every one of their needs.

This can be a great way to offer continued value even when you’re not available. If you have some of the scheduling software listed in the previous point, then you can have these bookings given to the next available therapist or one that is closest to your chosen modality or technique. 

That is the other thing. . . 

In my opinion, your clients have chosen you for a specific reason, whether that be your technique or your personality, so it’s a good idea to hire therapists who are similar enough to you in technique so that your client’s won’t be ticked off that they’re not getting what they are paying for. 

Once you scale your business upward, then hiring new therapists will almost be necessary because you most likely will not be able to handle that kind of workload. 

#5 Outsourcing specific tasks to specialists

I know how it is. . . sometimes things like marketing, content development and filming content among other things can be a really daunting thing to think about, but hiring people to do some of these tasks can be really helpful. 

Ad Specialist

Do you have trouble creating your actual ads, or unsure what your messaging in your copy for your ads should be?

Sometimes people fall short on their ads because they aren’t worded properly, they can be too long or too short or not present your brand correctly. Either way, a marketing specialist will definitely help you create effective ads. 

They know effective metrics to optimize the value of your ads, when to back them off or change the message. All of this can be useful if you are having trouble doing this yourself. 

Content Marketer

Perhaps knowing what actual content to produce and what direction to go in can be difficult too, especially for attracting the potential clients that you want.

That is another important thing, I believe in attracting the people that you want in your practice.

Having individuals that are negative or who don’t like what you have to offer as far technique and modality won’t bode too well for either of your experiences.

If you want to only work on people’s pain problems and provide deep work to help those issues, then make content that shows exactly that.

A content specialist will know exactly how you function and what you like doing as far as being a therapist and will help you attract the type of clientele you want. Another valuable person that you can probably barter with is a videographer.

It is rather difficult to get proper angles, lighting and mood to help represent you as a therapist and exactly what you do.

All of their gear is expensive on it’s own to buy, so hiring a videographer and also a good photographer can take you lengths in building your brand the way you want it. 

Summing it up

I hoped this article and episode helped to give you some ideas to automate some of these all too important tasks that make your business successful so you can focus on what you love to do most! 

We talked about: 

  • How email marketing can help send valuable automed emails to your returning clients and potential clients (and some platforms that you can use) 
  • How social media and SEO ads like google and facebook ads can help your potential clients see who you are as a brand and how you opperate, and to book a session.
  • How scheduling softwares like ApptHero can help provide you with some automation to book your clients.
  • Why hiring therapists can still bring value to your clients even when you don’t have much time to take on anymore workload.
  • Why hiring specialists to help with things like content, ads and video content can be useful to help you optimize your brand message 

If you automate all of these things, you will see your income grow exponentially, you can bet on it!

Therapist Challenge

Try automating one of these things that I have talked about today, and let me know your experience in the comments below!


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