The Efficacy of Cupping with Gretchen Popp

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Do you want to know one of the best forms of manual self care that you can utilize? One that can take wear and tear, and compression off of your wrists in the process? 

You guessed it. . . Cupping!

In this episode I talk with my friend Gretchen Popp, cupping instructor and the owner of Boulder Cupping Therapy about the origin of cupping and why it is an extremely effective tool not just for your client, but for yourself!

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what you will learn

The origin story

From as far back as 300 AD, cupping has been written about in China and continued to be revelled all the way until today. There isn’t any wonder why it works so well.

A starting point is difficult to find, but it seems that every culture has a version of cupping that works best for them. From Eastern theories of medicinal use, to European use for common ailments like shortness of breath or aches and pains, they all work wonders for the individuals who use them.

Through thorough research and investigation, scientists were able to come to the conclusion that cupping along with other modalities had the ability to help and facilitate the treatment of ailments such as:

  • Herpres Zoster
  • Facial paralysis
  • Acne
  • Cervical spondylosis

Gretchen’s story wasn’t all that different. She found that by combining two modalities and approaches that she loved. . . neuromuscular therapy and cupping, she had a really effective tool in her arsenal to fight client’s pain.

At the same time, she was able to save her own body  by using cups the right way.

Why cupping is so effective

Gretchen: “I tend to attract the tough cookie clients and it gets tiring working on such dense tissue, but with the cups I’m still able to provide a fluid yet deep massage.

When it comes to stubborn tissue and chronic patterning, I’m better able to release that tension.The cups allow the nervous system to relax so that the work really sticks as well as drawing out metabolic waste which can contribute to strange pain patterns.

They make my work a lot more effective and it also means that I don’t have to work so hard to obtain those results that my clients are looking for!”

In my own experience, it’s almost effortless to get the cups working and it becomes a fluid motion that can be really effective in treating a person’s tissue. 

In just a few minutes, that tissue becomes warm with oxygen rich blood and gets that healing process working faster, in my opinion. 

Have you wanted to start implementing cupping in your arsenal? This is your sign!

Right now Gretchen will be offering an extensive 12 week cupping course that you will enable you to provide highly advanced cupping protocols confidently. Class starts August 10th!

This course includes:

  • Access & Lifetime Membership to the Mastermind Group 
  • Weekly Modules – Go through detailed Anatomy, Assessments, and Cupping Applications for each area of the body.
  • Comprehensive printable workbook so you can reference on-the-go
  • Weekly LIVE Technique / Business / Communication classes with Gretchen herself, even after the course is complete
  • LIVE Q&A Virtual Meetups – Get your questions answered & learn different ways to apply these techniques for specific conditions
  • Lifetime access to all material – This option will not be offered again
  • Future approval from NCBTMB for 30 CE Credits

To make this even more incredible, if you sign up for this 12 week course, you will also receive 6 months of Successul Bodyworker Tribe for free!

This is Cupping course is $997, but there are also some additional perks and bonuses, making this course worth more than $2000:

  • 6 Months of SB free
  • Business bundle –$399 value
  • Surgical scar and amputee class – $499 value

Step 1:

Step 2:

Upon purchase, please email to receive your personal link for our exclusive deal of 6 months of SB for free!

Cupping for self care

In many ways, cupping can provide superior manual release effects to normal go-to methods (repeatedly digging into your forearm or traps, using ball, etc.) 

This is because you can keep the cup on and let it do the work for you – as Gretchen says “cooking” – while you’re doing chores or laundry. 

Another huge piece to this self care puzzle is if you implement the use of cups correctly, as Gretchen will show you if you take the course she offers, this will make your work on clients much easier and advantageous.

If cups are used correctly, they can provide the best effect while minimizing fatigue and impact on your body.

Have you tried cupping? What were your experiences when trying it on yourself or with clients? Comment below ↓


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