From the Vault: 4 Reasons Why New Therapists Burn Out

by Sep 24, 2020Boundaries, Injury Prevention, Massage Injuries, Mental Self Care, Preventative Exercises, Self Care

This is but one of the reason’s listed on this week’s episode. . . to check out the rest of them, head back to episode 3 of SB Podcast.

You’ve graduated and it’s time to go. . . it’s time to rid the world of it’s pain.

It’s time for you to be the superhero you have been thinking yourself to be.

. . . But you always hear that Superman loses his power when he comes in contact with Kryptonite. . .

It really isn’t any different for us.


This is not intended to scare you away from being a therapist but things can happen and it is good to be prepared if and when disaster does strike.

Commonly, you will hear of therapists that get back aches and neck pains and burn out because of physical issues, but this takes years of wear and tear in some cases.

In the beginning of your career, there are other things you will want to watch out for.

So. . . what are these other reasons? Glad you asked, let’s jump right in.

Superman syndrome

I was definitely guilty of this right off the batt. I thought. . . Why waste ANY time, I want to get my hands on as many people as I can.

That’s how you learn right?

In a way that is true.

But what is it worth if you get injured?

What about underselling yourself?

What about working 30 hours a week hands on and still not being able to pay bills because I’m not charging enough?

Yes, practice makes perfect and will build your workload and tolerance but you have to know your limits.

Make sure to set boundaries with yourself.

You may also be surprised if you can’t do that many treatments per week in the beginning.

The goal shouldn’t be “How many I can do in one day”.

In fact. . . let’s change that narrative right here and now.

Let’s change it to “what can I do to work smarter not harder”.

You may want your goal to be – how can I make my time and effort equal the most reward possible.

Let’s explore that a bit.

How do we get more from our time and effort?

It’s simple. Charge what you are actually worth.

I’ve made this example in a past episode. 

If you worked for a franchise, your clients are most times paying the competitive rates for that area. That will likely be between $70-90 for an hour session.

This means that you – the incredible therapist that you are – are giving a service that is worth at least $70 or more.

It doesn’t even matter if you have just graduated or are within your first year. Your ability is worth more than you may think. 

Charge what you are worth.

You can also enhance your treatment without actually doing more physically in the session:

  • Upgrade and upsell with CBD, EO’s and/or tools specific to your modality.
  • Membership with member perks
  • A guided meditation at the start of their session
  • Extra emphasis on self care exercises, and extended service care
  • etc.

You get the point.

Think of some other things that will help you receive the most reward (however you quantify or categorize that) while reducing your overall effort. Lord knows we work our butts of, and for many of us – more than we have to.

Comment below and tell me how you can make your time and effort work in your favor!



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