3 Situations you might be Sacrificing your Integrity

by Oct 19, 2020Boundaries, Mental Self Care

Last episode I talked with Joyce Gauthier about sexual solicitation, how to prescreen clients and how to diffuse a situation after it has happened. Now that you know how to handle those kinds of situations. . .

We are going to jump into some other roadblocks you will come across.

You may not have even know that these are situations that may question your morals, boundaries or ethics. . . but they are roadblocks that I have seen plenty of therapist’s run in to and eventually burn out because of.

So what’s the biggest issue of them all? Well. . . let’s jump right in!


1. Not Charging what you’re worth

Didn’t know this was a hazardous situation?

Well. . . guess again!

This is an area I see many therapists settling in because 1.) they are scared or 2.) complecency is more comforting.

If you aren’t making what you need to have your own version of success, or that you have to find another job to make the other end meet, then there is a real problem with what you’re charging.


I used to equate my prices to putting gas in my car. . . everyone goes to the cheaper gas station in hopes of getting the best deal.

What I found was, just like with some of those stations offering an often crappier product for cheaper, a lot of new prospects are going to see those low prices and either:

A. Think it’s a deal

B. Think that the therapist isn’t any good, and seek another option

Obviously both thoughts aren’t things that we want right?

If you always have prospects coming to you because of your killer deal, they are always going to be seeking the “easy” way out and cut corners.

Conversely like the individuals that think that the prices are too cheap – that something is amiss.

Find your pricing sweet spot

If you don’t believe that you should be charging more, then just walk into any reputable massage chain and see what the going rates for a massage is.

For medium grade franchises, that’s going to be somewhere around $70-80/hr and a considederable amount more for a luxury spa experience.

If you were to get hired on to any one of these businesses – you would be performing a service that is WORTH the exact amount that the client is paying for! (Therapist ability aside, but most are above average.)

In a spa, that is upwords of $120 or more.

There’s is absolutely no reason you should be undercutting your personal practice prices.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your clients are getting a better deal.

I see way too many therapists burning out because they aren’t making what the want to be making, but when you take a look at their books, it’s evident the reason why.

Don’t undershoot yourself – you are worth much more than that!


How do you go about changing your prices?

Many therapists stress over this change, and I can understand why. 

But think about the history of any business that you swear by and trust – through the start of their business, they have grown exponentially in price.

Also – many don’t even let their best customers know, they just hit the switch and change the price.

The surprising part? Many buyers don’t even bat an eyelash. They continue buying from the company.

This is no different for you, and since you are a  lower volume, small business, it is to be expected. 

What you can do is just send out a simple email or mass text saying that you will raising the price in X amount of weeks/months, by Y amount of money. 

That’s it.

It is a really effective way to get your point across and you don’t need to go into detail, because it’s not necessary.

If clients don’t stick with it – that’s absolutely fine. This will weed out the ones that perhaps you don’t want on your schedule, or that don’t prioritize you or what you do for them on a therapeutic level. The clients that do stay with you will well make up for the loss of the possible other 5% that leave. 

This will be one of the best versions of self care that you can do for yourself:

  • You will be making more, equaling out your time and effort equation
  • You will be working less; taking strain off your body
  • You will be mentally valuing yourself more, which really is priceless


Negative nancy’s and Combative charlies

Like you, I try and see the good in everyone, but there are some that push the fault line so close to popping.

Whether it be pushy political or religious conversation, sexual orientation or race discrimination. . . nothing about this is ok.

You by no means are legally bound to stay in a therepeutic relationship, even though the money or schedule might be good. . .

I think many of us want to be cathartic and provide the much needed help that these people seek but sometimes it just isn’t worth it.

Simply put, you either need to have strong boundaries in place or leave them in the dust!



5 more minutes here, 5 more minutes there

You would think that more clients would be respectful of your time, and honestly most do but we have all had those clients that want more and more from you.

I find that many type A, dominant type personalities will try and do this and this is an important one to snip in the bud because if you do this for one, you have to do for all.

This over time of course will lose you money because you will have given away a lot of spare time that could have been paid for.

A simple and easy fix for this is to give them an option of revisiting an area that needs a little more work or that felt incredible. You can do this either before flipping them over or the last 5 minutes, or both.

This does a few things:

  • Gives them a bluff feeling of dominance and power; or power differential in those who are unsure
  • Provides them with an option they would not have previously had
  • Provides more value to your session
  • Does not waste your time or money
  • Gives you the ability to survey client’s wants and needs

Don’t agree with any of these boundaries? Answer why or why not below!


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