5 Valuable Promotions you can Offer your Clients

by Nov 4, 2020Business Promotions, New Therapist, Successful Practice Building


There are some great situations where you can offer promotions in your business, ones that can offer great value to your existing clients and also ones that prospects can gather interest to your practice.

As a whole – if promotions or discounts are used too often, it will eventually devalue you.

That’s not the end result we want with promotions.

That being said – they should be used sparingly and sometimes in a way that is subtle.

3 of these 5 promotions I am going to list are run of the mill, in your face promotions and the other 2 offer value in subtle ways.

Let’s jump right in!

Grand opening or move

This can be a great area to offer some engagement and interest in a brand new opening of a business. 

Coming from a prospective client that has never met you, it is sort of hard justifying a larger hourly fee if they don’t first know you personally, seen testimonials or videos showcasing your bodywork, so it is a great idea to offer a trial session promo to sweeten the deal and get them on your table. 

Like I mentioned earlier, you have to watch out for dealing seeking Debra’s or prejudging Penny’s because these are the type of people that magnetize towards hot deals and not the type of people you want as long term clients. 

If you go to raise your prices, because it isn’t a deal anymore – they will start to look elsewhere.

Likewise for those prospects who don’t know you. They may see this low discounted price and think that reflects your ACTUAL price and think that “what you get is what you pay for”. 

I’ve had both of these types of clients and let me tell you. . . 

It isn’t fun!

All of this aside, this does help ease the tension when it comes to making a decision to go with you as their therapist.

If there is less of a risk, then there will be less remorse afterword.

This is a strategy that works well for a lot of business and will work for you too!

Once they pay that trial or introduction fee, they can then move to your premium fee and they won’t care because what you just offered them did wonders!

So. . . what can you do when you know you’re going to be raising your prices? Read further. .

Small package option for price increase

If you are thinking of raising your prices, this is a good approach to use, especially when the element is scarcity is involved.

When you have the date in which you want to raise them in mind, send out an email or text with an offer to the effect of “I will be raising my prices $10 at the beginning of December, what I am offering is a package of 3 at the current price before my prices increases.”

Simple and effective!

You are building some tension with the decision because they have a limited window to purchase the package. Scarcity works really well because of this reason.

If you are looking to raise your prices as well, I will be releasing a training this month that details the how and why of raising your rates!


Large package deals

This is another really effective way to offer a discount that your normally wouldn’t offer.

This is one of the biggest ticket items on your menu that you will most likely have, so packages may not happen too often. Sweetening the deal with a promotion can make this buying decision a bit easier.


A business that does this really well is Adobe. 

If you use any of the Adobe creative apps, then you’ll know that each of one of the apps run anywhere from $10-25. 

But. . . if you want ALL the apps, then you can just get a subscription of all apps for one low price of $52.99. 

This really is a steal when you break everything down. This is a similar approach you can take with your packages. Have a standalone session that is a higher price and a large package next to it that is considerably lower when added together.

What if you want to do something different altogether.. like..

Membership options

This is a good route to go, but a lot of therapists miss the mark because of their value proposition:

  • There isnt a huge difference in offering in tiers 
  • The value of what they’re getting for each tier doesn’t add up to the price that they pay
  • Clients don’t quite know what it is they are getting out the tier options

Education will be key here when explaining what they have to offer them.

Here’s what this could look like on paper:

The whole goal with a membership is having a strategy that makes the upper tiers more tempting then the lower. When you see $100 for one session, and $135 for the Gold tier, there is a HUGE difference between the two in terms of value, so that is a no brainer for your client.

What you want to do with this is up to you and make sure that what you have to offer doesn’t devalue you!



This is a great promotion to show your long time clients that you care and is just a nice gift to give.

You can even spice it up by adding on a enhancement or premium service that they don’t normally try for a reduced rate.

When my client’s birthdays role around, I offer a $20 coupon and they always have a smile on their face!


What promotions do you offer in your business? Comment below!


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