Attracting Profitable Prospects with Social Media Ads

by Nov 16, 2020Business Automation, Content Marketing, Massage Business, Social Media Ads

In this episode, I chat with my friend Daryl DJ” Turner on the topic of social media ads – and more specifically Facebook ads. 

This is one of the best ways of attracting the type of prospects and ultimately, clients, that you want on your table. It is a way to break away from the common word of mouth type of referals that most massage therapists are used to. 

Yes this type of business works and there is a reason that it works, but social media does a great job of attracting the exact people you want. 

If you would like to reach people who like to buy things, that like football, who also knit and play tennis, you can find these people specifically. And yes – that specific. 

Look. . . there is no better way to show newcomers exactly the type of person you are, what you have to offer and how you view therapy as a whole.

Facebook and Instagram are full of people who love to purchase things. . . and a lot are like me who impulse buy.

This also works for people who aren’t as easily swayed. If they click on your ad, you can create another ad specifically for those individuals that have clicked on your ad but don’t book and show them that same ad multiple times. 

Sometimes it takes them 6-10 in depth views to be able to make a decision and you can rest assured that if the ad is set to evergreen (always on play), it will reach them until they choose not to view the ad anymore!

So now that I have your attention. . . What social media platform is best for MT’s?

Where should therapists be selling?

People who are looking to find a therapist most likely want to see what YOU actually do; what type of modalities you have to offer, the kind of person you are fundamentally, etc.

For these reasons, Facebook and Instagram are going to be the best for showcasing the kind of content that will grab your potential prospects attention and set you apart from other therapists. 

Your Linkdn’s, Twitters’s and even TikTok’s can be effective as well, but with the first, Linkdn is more of a professional space, so if the corporate world is what you are marketing too, you may do really well there. 

With Twitter and others, especially TikTok, a lot of younger crowds hang out here, so making relevant content for these demographics will be key. 

If you are trying to attract ages 25-60, then Facebook and even Instagram will be your best bet. 

Just remember, you have to keep in mind where YOUR demographic is hanging out.

Find out where your Techno Viking crew is at!


So you know where to market yourself, but what are you supposed to have in your ads? 

Keep reading to find out!

The content of your ads

This is the part of ad marketing that many businesses, sellers and therapists alike get stuck. . . “What am I supposed to say in my ads? Picture or video? What about strategy?” 

Picture, video or text

The simple answer – yes. All of it.

It’s easy to see why this part is difficult, but as I said before, visual and contextual are very important because your prospect needs to see what you are capable of. This is where picture and video come into play, and is a good foundation to your strategy. 

Your text, or copy, is another key factor. You want to use empathy as a tool to show them that you understand what they deal with. 

Daryl made the comparison of remembering any book or novel you’ve ever read that was really good or powerful. It is easy to remember what happened in the book if it made an imprint in your mind and heart, right?

Make it punch hard, but quickly. You don’t need a novel of text, but just make sure that you are using empathy.

what about overall strategy?

You will commonly see marketers using approaches like comedy, aggressiveness, scarcity, sad, storylike, etc. . . But what really works?

All of them do. . . my word of advice? 

Do what comes naturally to you. Are you naturally funny, or like funny things? 

Then use that in your ads?

When you push promotions to your clients, do you like to use scarcity, where they have to buy now before they miss out?

Whatever works for you, most times will work for ads as well.

So. . . you have an approach of what you want to do, but now it’s time for your ad to take your prospect somewhere after the click your ad.

Where does it lead to?

The classic “funnel”

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard this term funnel before and it works very, very well for introducing your brand new, interested prospect you without having to make a buying decision right off the bat.

These people  that begin show interst in you need more awareness to actually make a decision. 

They are saying to themselves: “Am I going to regret this?”

The funnel ensures that they can learn as much as they want to about you as a business and as a therapist.


At the very top, Attract Prospects, is where your new prospect will go to learn more about you when they click your ad. This can be a specific ad landing page, or a sales page that explains what you do. 

From here your prospect goes to Interact the clear call to action on your page that tells them to do something. Usually this will look something like “Book now” or “Learn more”.

If they have made a decision to book with you, they will obviously move on to Book Session and get ready to receive the best session of their life!

Finally, at the bottom of the funnel, is Rebook and Advocacy. This is after their first session where you have taken away their buyer’s remorse and they rebook. After you see them for a while, they will begin to talk about how amazing you are and possibly send you more referrals. . . which is the best form of free marketing!


Summing it up

Listed above is only part of this awesome episode, so go check it out and take a listen!

I hope this gave you a better understanding of:

  • What to include in your ads
  • What strategy to employ 
  • Where your ads should take your prospects


Have you used social media ads? What was your experience? comment below!


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