4 Tell-tale Signs it’s Time to Hire New Therapists

by Dec 4, 2020Massage Business, Mental Self Care, Successful Practice Building

Could it be time to outsource some of your hands on work to other therapists? 

If you’re like me. . . 

It can be sort of hard to think about giving some of your well earned clientele to other therapists and not knowing if they are going to be delivering on the value that those clients see you, specifically, for. 

I can see the logic there. . . 

But if you are feeling overworked, burnt out or having a difficult time taking on new clients, then it may be time that you hire some new therapists!

You may be also wondering how to find a massage therapist to hire and what to pay them. 

These are all valid questions and concerns and ones that will be answered in this podcast episode.

But first, let’s get into some good indicators and warning lights that it may be time to outsource.

when your practice is growing

This is a good time to outsource new therapists to grow your practice, especially when you are in an area that is booming with your target market and demographic.

When you have a large roster of clients (40-50 or more per month) it can be hard to take on more. If you do, you will likely experience burn out because of the sheer amount of prospects coming in.

This is, of course, every therapist’s dream but if you won’t be able to stand to see your business grow. . . what good would it be do to grow your practice?

Imagine hiring three therapists to be able to take on half of your clientele list. What would you do with the extra 20-30 hours a week?

You will have more time with family, more time to make content for your business to attract even more clients, etc.

This doesn’t have to be just outsourcing work to your therapists. . .

You can outsource physical or virtual assistants to:

  • Edit video content
  • Clerical work
  • Business tasks (ads, marketing, etc.)


if you are charged higher, you will dominate your niche

You will be the go-to therapist in your area or town and clients will start to advocate you and your business as the best therapist for _____ modality. 

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Shy of monetary goal

This is an opportune time to outsource some of your clients to other therapists to give you the ability to take on a more overall volume of clients.

This doesn’t only go for therapists though. Like I mentioned in earlier points, you can also hire physical or virtual assistants to aid you on important tasks.

Yes, you may take a step back and spend money initially, but the old adage is true. . .

“You have to spend money to make money.”

Marketing is another area that is extremely important for the growth opportunity of your business. Without social media and google ads, it would be extremely hard to build a practice big enough to reach that monetary goal you’ve be striving and working hard towards.

Ads will give you the ability to reach a larger audience than word of mouth referrals, at a faster rate. You can also target people you specifically want to see.

If your target market is moms that like to knit on weekends, but are also food bloggers that like to buy things (a very specific example, ha!) you can target those individuals.

Overall, having more income and the ability to outsource will give you a multitude of options and doors to open.

Needing more time in other aspects of life

I can definitely attest to this last point as I work a hell of a lot at this point in time. I often preach self care and having enough time for yourself and the things in life that make you happy. . .

But sometimes, I have a hard time doing that myself.

What would you be able to do if you these hired therapists took even 10 hours off your plate?

What would you do with it?

If you are feeling burnt out, having some time to take up a hobby – something to give you little doses of dopamine and break up the monotony in life.

It may mean that you have more free time to make marketing content. Videos, blogs, etc.

More family time? That is an absolute must!

Now that we have broken down the areas that can potentially make us outsource. . .

Let’s get it some common questions therapists have about hiring.

Where do therapists hang out?

So. . . How do you find a therapist to hire?

As far as a marketing standpoint, most therapists are going to be on more of the visual platforms like Facebook and Instagram to market themselves.


What we do is very visual. Prospects need to be able to visibly see what we do and what we are capable of.

That being said, this is where you can find a lot of therapists. Communities like Facebook groups can be a great place to look, but you have to be careful to not poach to some groups.

There are groups that do networking that you can find therapists. Look for therapists in your area. Google searches can yield good results for that as well.

What do they need to be paid?

Some may not agree with me here – but that’s alright.

To me, therapists should be paid graciously. 50/50.

Here’s why:

  • I heavily believe that what you give out, you will receive in loyalty, and respect
  • It shows them that you value them more than a franchise would
  • Loyalty is the name of the game; if they are paid fairly, they most likely will not look elsewhere

If you’re worried about your cut, you can do a price raise first so the bottom line is higher, and then hire your therapists.

If your hour session is $100, $50 is not bad at all for doing absolutely nothing.

If your therapists keep their tips, then that gives them even more incentive to stay.

Rapport is king

The biggest thing – even more important than the actual pay is developing a rapport with your therapists.

Know what they’re wants and needs are.

Are they getting out of the franchise world or another work ethos because of a toxic environment?


 massWas the workload unfair? What do they want out of you as owner and operator. 

Also get to know them personally. This goes a long way in establishing respect and boundaries respectively.


Summing it all up

I hoped this helped you gain a different perspective if you have leveled with any of these points where you just felt like it was time to do things different. 

Maybe it is time to outsource your work to other therapists who see things the way you do and are similar in modality to you. 

Think about hiring therapists or other assistants if you are:

  • Growing and scaling your business and clients are coming in too fast to take on the whole workload
  • Feeling burnt out but still have that love for your career and practice
  • Shy of a monetary goal. Take a step back to leap ahead 5 steps
  • If you need more personal time to do other things in life like family, self care or other aspects of your business
  • How to find massage therapists to hire
  • What to pay them 
  • Why building rapport with your potential new hire will take your further 


Have you been wanting to hire a team of therapists? what has been stopping you? Comment below!


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