Planning your Success for an Entire Decade

by Dec 23, 2020Mental Self Care, Self Care, Successful Practice Building

Why in the hell would you even plan for a decade?

Kind of seems like overkill, right?

But. . . a lot of your favorite businesses (Target, Amazon, Netflix, etc.) didn’t have success overnight.

Many times, they don’t even break even in one year.

To have real palpable success in your business (whatever that means to you). . . You have to plan for the long term.

Not one year.

Not two.

Or even five – although you should plan in those increments as well. . . but we’ll talk about that later.

So now that you know why you should be planning for the long term, let’s get into some key points that you should keep in mind when planning for your decade.

Identify your biggest limiting self beliefs

I know for me, one my biggest limiting self beliefs is caring far too much about what people think of me and it takes me back a couple steps because it keeps me from doing certain things in my business and my life.

What is that for you?

What is it costing you and what are you going to do about it?

It’s important to look these things straight in the eye and attack them head on. This is the only way you will get forward in life. 

The most important thing when dealing with these self beliefs is that, yes, they happened – but they do not define you and they are NOT who you are. 

Don’t cling to them like they are hanging off of your body. 


Make your grand goal almost unachievable

Making your ultimate goal big enough will ensure that you actually stick to the plan and follow through. 

You see, a lot of these so called new years resolutioners don’t plan big enough or plan too large to complete within one year and are unable to see results because they don’t stick with it. 

This doesn’t have to be just with your business either – and it shouldn’t. 

This can rain into other areas of your life, family, etc.

If you have your large goal in mind, it’s now time to figure out your ladder steps. . . 

The small steps it will take to be able to get to the top of your ladder.

Define your commitments

Commitments in this instance is another word for your small goals. These little steps in your ladder to success.

How do you break down your goal? 

How will you get there?

Let’s say that you have the large goal of being the proud owner of a multi million dollar massage company.

Great goal right? 

What are the exact steps it will take to get there? 

A great goal is to hire 10 great therapists who share the same ideals and therapy ideals as you. 

What about that $250,000 landmark? Now you are a fourth of the way there.

Always achieve more greatness. 

A good tactic is to complete one larger goal per year that all chip away at that large, grandeur goal. 

be ready for roadblocks 

. . . And oh. . . they will come your way.

You know those same companies I mentioned before? 

All share one thing in common.

They all have had at least a few huge roadblocks that would make others reconsider their business as a whole.

It’s all about how you deal with these that matters. 

I’m not saying that these will be easy – because they will most likely be challenging, but these will make you stronger and able to endure even bigger obstacles.

Back to that massage empire. . 

You probably have to put your building somewhere, right? 

You have to get the proper zoning licenses. 

You have to get investors, in some cases. 

You may have to deal with therapists leaving. 

How about claims made against your business that you didn’t see coming?

You have the power to overcome these obstacles if you so choose!

Summing it all up 

Planning for your entire decade is the best way to come out on top with the success that you deserve. 

Getting there won’t be easy – I’m not here to tell you otherwise, but if you put the work in, your success will come. 

We covered:

  • Overcoming your biggest limiting self beliefs by realizing that past mistakes don’t define your future
  • Making your goals almost unachievable will ensure that you stick to your goals 
  • Defining the small steps in the entire process of achieving your dream goal
  • How to overcome certain obstacles that will come your way

What is your grand, ten year goal and what will you do to get there? Comment below!


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