The title of this podcast is one of the few burning questions that we get here at SB.

What do we stand for, specifically, as a brand?

Why a business based around self care?

What kind of therapists do we serve and help?

All of these questions and more are going to be answered for you today. . .

So read on!

How we are changing the face of the massage industry

At the heart of what we do, we do by blending compassion, motivation, humor and tough love (at times).

Now all that is fine and dandy. . .

But what is it that we actually do?

The issue of burn-out in our industry is rabid and can happen just about any therapist.

Picture that you have your pedestals of burnout. On one you have physical, the other, mental, on another you have mental and the last you have financial.

To be the best therapist that you possibly can be, you have to be able to be on top of all of these aspects to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Self care. Plain and simple.

70% of therapists or more suffer from the physical aspect, and it seems trivial to go to someone or something for guidance on that because of YouTube university and the internet. . .

But. . . The one thing that these things don’t have is someone who has wholeheartedly been through each and every one of these things.

. . . and been able to live to see another day.


Career ending injuries. Check.

Worked so much for so little pay. Check.

Almost leaving a successful practice because it was too much on my body and mind. Check.

But! It was, likewise, these very things that made me grow stronger and come out on top and learn.

What did I learn you ask?


A way to workout and compliment my practice

This is my ultimate prized possession and one that saved my entire career. Hands down.

The MT Hybrid Athlete Program was my own answer to overcoming the physical and mental demands of my workload.

This is a fitness program designed specifically for therapists, by a therapist and blends both strength training and physical conditioning to turn us into therapists that are not only more in shape, but stronger and able to get through anything.

You will learn how to work compound movements (squats, deadlifts, presses, etc.).

You can start to change your physical appearance with accessory work.

You will reverse chronic holding patterns with postural work.

You will condition your body and strengthen your grip.

The awesome part? I started putting this program together at 325 lbs and a year later, I weighed 275lbs.

All that changed?! My food and the MT Hybrid Athlete Program!

This fitness template is also a CE course that will explains the ins and outs of the program that you can get credit for.

Check it out here to learn more.

But. . . what if you have an injury and can’t do a fitness program?

No worries there!

A way to heal my life altering injury on my own time

Another flagship of SB is the MT Injury Roadmap which completely healed the injury that I thought would end my career.

In 3 months. . .

On my own time. Around a busy schedule.

We ALL know how debilitating injuries can be, and one of the hardest things about this process is what it does to you mentally.

To be able to overcome any injury, it must first start with mindset. . . Saying what will happen and living like it has already happened.

Yes, you probably recognized that. Law of Attraction.

It is normal to be negative about an injury, and I recommend feeling that out. . . but for a limited timeframe.

Get stuck in that and you wont get out.

This is what this Roadmap and the program is all about. Not only healing the physical injury itself, but the limiting beliefs that happen as a result.

This program will take between 2-4 months, front to back and will have you healing your injury piece by piece, brick by brick.

It may not be easy, but I promise you, you will be walking out of it stronger and less injury prone than when you entered.

Check out more information about the Roadmap here.

Physical burnout isn’t the only thing that we face as therapists, another huge reason for burnout is the financial.


It’s hard to build a functioning practice off the back of a franchised massage job

The old saying is true – “Money isn’t worth everything” – but. . . is it really worth it if you can’t pay your bills, or have money to spend on marketing where it truly counts?

It’s hard to build a functioning practice off the back of a franchished massage job. Non-compete clauses can also be pretty scary in that realm too.

This being said – once you have the means to go out on your own, it will be THE BEST DECISION you will ever make in business. Ever.

Financial burnout is the second biggest reason of burnout among therapists and that’s what we also tackle here at SB.

We have multiple resources to choose from. . . from the Facebook Ads 201 course, to the 3 Mistakes you are Making with your Website.

Check them out below!

Facebook ads 201

Daryl DJ Turner teaches you what works and what doesn’t with ads with real world ad examples. Learn what to feature in your ads like: your offer, your copy, using scarcity, and more, all to attract your IDEAL client!

How to charge what you're worth

Do you feel like your treatments are priced right? If not – it’s going to be time to raise your rates. Learn what to say and when, as well as the do’s and dont’s of raising your prices. Start making what you’re WORTH!

How to fix your website to attract more clients

Elyse Robertson breaks down the three fundamental problems all therapists face when building a website in this webinar training. Fix your website to get your prospects to book now!
Another huge part of self care is expanding your knowledge and skillset. This is another aspect we focus on by bringing in other industry leaders to teach things like: marketing, technique/modality, yoga and mental self care.

All of these courses and resources on their own cost anywhere from $40-200 and that is precisely why we are a subscription – to give you everything in one package without paying a fortune to be able to do so! Also – there is a 14 day free trial as well as a 30 day money back guarantee, but what we have to offer will pay for itself over and over. That is my guarantee!

It is time to get your self care completely customized with Successful Bodyworker and achieve what you only thought was possible.

If you’d like to claim a free 14 day trial, click on any one of the two subscriptions below to get started.


Summing it up

It doesn’t matter where you are in your career or when you started, burn out happens to all of us and if we don’t have the means to prepare for it physically and mentally, it can crush us.

Yes – there is plenty of resources out there on the interwebs on how to take care of yourself but none have the expertise or the approach that I do on the matter.

I have lived through all that life has thrown at me and I want to give back to you.

We have so many resources to build strength and restore with recovery processes like the MT Hybrid Athlete and the MT Injury Roadmap.

. . . But it doesn’t end there. Financial hardships will come your way and we’ve got you:

  • Facebook Ads 201 course
  • Charge What you’re Worth
  • How to Fix your Website to Attract More Clients

Level up your strength, self care and longevity with Successful Bodyworker today!


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